Presenting Project to Campus EU (Berlin)

Project: Mechanic motion assistant system for child with mental and physical disabilities


Ramon Carrasco Borrego
German Carro Fernandez

Collaborating Institutions

-Colexio Karbo (
-UNED (Spain)
-MUNCYT (Spain)
-IEEEsbUNED, A Corunna (Spain)
-University Ain Shams, Cairo (Egypt)
-Neurophysiology Hospital Dr. Ismail Sabry and Dr. María José Carrasco,Cairo (Egypt)

Project background

The subject is a child with physical and mental disabilities as listed below:

-Physical disability of 98%.
-Troubles holding her own body.
-Troubles for communicating with her environment.

Her parents help her currently in her daily activities, and has a training dog for the early detection of epileptic attacks.

Her mother asked us for an assist and guide mechanic system so the child could move around her house.

Courses of action on the Proyect

The objective is to develop a low cost system to monitor and assist the child and alert automatically her parents when the child suffers an epileptic attack.

We will use the system smartphone with Android in which develop the following issues:

Monitoring of vital parameters of the child: heart rhythm, neuronal electrical activity and muscle contractions.
Geopositioning of the child
Developing a communication system with the child
Developing a movement assistant
Developing a global sensor vest with helmet for monitoring neural electrical activity in the centers of epileptic discharge.
Developing a mechanical walker to maintain the upright position and help to move of the child.

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Acerca de Germán Carro Fernandez

Presidente de la Rama de Estudiantes del IEEE-UNED (2010-2012) y del Student Chapter en la IEEE Education Society desde el 2010 hasta la actualidad. En años anteriores ha colaborado con la junta directiva como Coordinador de Actividades Generales (2006-2008) y como Vicepresidente (2008-2010). Actualmente ostenta el cargo desde Septiembre de 2011, de Presidente IEEE GOLD AG Spain Section. -Licenciado en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales por la UDC (Universidad de A Coruña). -Máster en Administración Financiera y Tributaria por la UDC y la Escuela de Hacienda Pública (Ministerio de Hacienda). -Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Sistemas por la UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación A Distancia). -Máster en Investigación en Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y Control Industrial (Especialidad: Ingeniería Telemática) por la UNED. -Doctor en Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y Control Industrial por la UNED.

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